A Note From the Founder

Hello, and thank you for your interest in W3RKWELL. I believe the story of any company gives authentic insight into its most basic values and principles. It is my pleasure to share ours with you.

As the owner of a private behavioral pediatrics practice, I was constantly seeking additional, science-supported ways to enhance my work. In an effort to reduce the intense stress the parents of my pediatric clients were under, I researched meditation strategies that might provide a beneficial addition to the treatment process. This led me to develop a beginner's course in meditation and a 6-week intensive course focused on managing personal stress-related behaviors. In the midst of my research I wrote "Meditation and Yoga: The New "Behavioral Xanax?" for Behavioral Science in the 21st Century as a call to action for behavior analysts to widen their lens on the services they provide. The article received global attention and I received emails of interest and encouragement from around the world.

By following the science on meditation and health, I came across studies that found workplace stress to be the main contributors to work-related illness, disengagement, increases in non-fatal disease, harmful work/life conflict and decreases in productivity. With 15 years experience in behavior change and the desire to challenge the status quo of the way we work, so that others are inspired to envision and live what’s possible, I developed the concept for W3RKWELL.

As a B2B service-based company, we are committed to sustainably redesigning the way we work by integrating the science of behavior, business and health. W3RKWELL empowers companies to invest in employee wellbeing and, as a result, position their organizations to become a model for how modern business is done.

Imagine that you work in a health-centric organization, globally focused on ensuring critical lifestyle behaviors, like exercise and family time, are encouraged and preserved. Imagine a workplace where your health is a value, a priority and a serious business metric.

W3RKWELL is committed to redesigning the workplace as a space where health is paramount, because we know an environment that produces engaged, healthy employees isn't only the right the right thing to do, it's a smart business decision. And a movement. 

The assumption we've been making- that healthier modifications to our work culture might thwart organizational goals- is demonstrably false. As we are now approaching a work and life integration tipping point, there as never been a better time to take action. I am encouraged by our ability to change and I am excited about the work to be done. This is truly Work Worth Doing. 

I extend a sincere Thank You for your interest and support.  

In health,

Gianna Biscontini, M.A.Ed.H.D., BCBA