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Gianna Biscontini, M.A.Ed.H.D., BCBA:

Founder | CEO | Master Generalist

Gianna is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, writer, speaker and the founder of W3RKWELL. Throughout her 15-year career in behavioral science she has held clinical, leadership and consulting roles in healthcare, non-profit, research, education and government industries. She holds a masters in education and human development from The George Washington University and completed her post graduate work in Applied Behavior Analysis at George Mason University. Gianna began her career conducting clinical assessments under Washington D.C’s then-Chancellor, Michelle Rhee, and former mayor, Adrian Fenty, in the Central Office of Special Education. Throughout her tenure she developed the city’s first early childhood autism evaluation team, served as a panel contributor at The George Washington University and Princeton University, and presented her pediatric work at the Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc. conference. She served 5 years on the board of directors for The Bowen Foundation for Autism and has written several articles for EP Magazine (formerly Exceptional Parent) and Behavioral Science in the 21st Century. After moving to San Diego for a clinical leadership position in a large NPO, Gianna expanded her career into Organizational Behavior Management. As an associate consultant in an executive coaching firm she developed behavior-based programs on conducting difficult conversations, fostering critical thinking skills and demonstrating C-level leadership behavior. She earned a certificate in Organizational Behavior Management from the Florida Institute of Technology in 2017 and went on to become the Founder and CEO of W3RKWELL, a behavior-based agency with the mission of sustainably improving employee and organizational wellbeing with the science of behavior.

In her spare time she enjoys traveling, camping, reading, yoga, meditation, hosting dinner parties with her husband and relaxing at home with her rescue dog and cat, Franklin and Annie.

Speaking experience

  • Association for Applied Behavior Analysis International, Annual Conference, San Diego, CA: Panel speaker on entrepreneurship and social media

  • Hoosier Association for Applied Behavior Analysis, Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN: Workshop and lecture- Workplace Variables That Influence Employee Wellbeing

  • SWABA & Organizational Behavior Management Network Conference, Stockholm, Sweden: Behavioral Science and Workplace Wellbeing

  • The Next Year Now podcast

  • Behavioral Observations podcast

  • Half Hour Intern


Malerie Gest, M.A., BCBA:

Head of Hashtags


Malerie is a graduate of the College of William and Mary. She began her career in behavior science as a therapist and quickly developed her passion for the field, prompting her entrance into graduate studies in Applied Behavior Analysis. She has treated pediatric clients and has provided training to adults in her home state of Virginia as well as Maryland, Florida and California. In addition to her social media work at W3RKWELL, Malerie holds a supervisory role at a clinical agency in San Diego where she fosters the development of future analysts and managers. She is passionate about working with individuals and organizations to create meaningful, sustainable and measurable change through evidence-based practices. In her free time, she enjoys relaxing on the beach, being outside, creating and cooking “clean” recipes, weight training and hot yoga, and exploring the city with her husband. She is ecstatic to join the team and grow social media channels at W3RKWELL!


Alexandra Kopack, M.S., BCBA, Q.A.S.P-S:

Chief Relationship Builder


Alexandra was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and recently moved to San Diego for the sunshine and variety of outdoor activities. She is currently a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and holds a masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne in Australia. Since 2015, Alexandra has provided behavioral treatment to children and families affected by developmental disabilities. She recently joined W3RKWELL in order to combine the scientific study of well-being and organizational behavior management strategies to improve both individual and organizational levels of health and work satisfaction. She looks forward to extending and expanding W3RKWELL's impact on the modern workplace via outreach and development projects. 


Sherrel Hill, BCaBA:

Resident Storyteller


Inspired by the possibility of expanding behavior analysis into areas of health and the workplace, Sherrel joins the W3RKWELL team as a guest blogger to spread the word about creating healthy and engaging work environments. While earning her undergraduate degree in Public Relations from Texas Tech University, Sherrel wrote articles for The Daily Toreador newspaper and also worked in media relations at the Office of Communications and Marketing. Upon graduating, Sherrel worked as a business communication instructor at Texas Tech University before expanding her career into the field of behavior analysis. Although it is not a typical behavior analyst background (that's what we love!), Sherrel hustled over the past six years to learn extensively about behavior analysis and became a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA). Four years and counting, Sherrel leads and fosters development in her own team of behavior therapists at a nonprofit organization in Florida. She recently graduated from Ball State University and plans to sit for her Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) examination in fall of 2018. Aside from her love of writing, Sherrel’s passions include yoga, meditation, reading, and going on adventures with her two young boys and husband.

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.
— Andrew Carnegie



Rob Baker: Founder and Chief Positive Deviant

Rob wants to make the world of work a better place and brings zest, curiosity and a collaborative spirit to everything that he does. He is at his best working with people and organisations to thrive. 

Rob is a specialist in bringing positive psychology to work. His ideas, research and client case studies on how people can bring their whole and best selves to work has been presented at academic and professional conferences in the UK and internationally and he has a first class Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne.

Rob has been putting the “Human” back into Human Resources as a consultant at PwC and senior HR leader for large employers in the UK and Australia for over 15 years. It is from this work that he now engages with employers across multiple sectors through his positive psychology, wellbeing and HR consultancy, Tailored Thinking. Whilst working with executives, managers, their teams, and through his personal study and research, Rob draws inspiration from helping others to find meaning in their work and happiness in all that they do.

Why Rob partnered with W3RKWELL:

Tailored Thinking and W3RKWELL share a commitment to reimagining the workplace where wellbeing is the at its heart, knowing that people and businesses thrive where there is a healthy, happy and high performing environment.

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In the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, many behavior scientists learn the application of ABA to populations including autism or developmental disabilities, education, traumatic brain injury, gerontology, and others. But across all of these fields,practitioners are still working with staff, building businesses, working to motivate and collaborate with other practitioners, and more. Using the science that we teach and apply in our work, we strive to create professionals that can consult as external change agents, as well as internal champions of behavior analysis applied to the world at work, or what we affectionately call the role of the Chief Motivating Officer. Our CMO supervisors are all Board Certified Behavior Analysts, and are eligible to supervise upcoming behavior analysts per BACB regulations. ALL of our OBM supervisors have on-campus graduate-level training in OBM and/or organizational psychology from reputable university programs, have extensive professional experiences utilizing OBM in a wide array of applications and settings, and are currently working in formal positions in the field.


Kim Spahn: Healthcare

Kim Spahn is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, a Certified Health Coach and the Creator of The Vitality Method.

Like many professionals, Kim struggled with burnout at different points in her career.  She realized that being taught the skills to avoid burnout was a missing piece of healthcare training and education, so she created what didn't yet exist. Leveraging her background in healthcare, a passion for well-being, knowledge of behavior change and research on burnout, she designed The Vitality Method. The program is specifically designed to create workplace accountability systems for self-improvement in addition to reducing or avoiding burnout. She has a passion for changing the game to create happier workplaces and healthier communities. 

Why Kim partnered with W3RKWELL: 

Kim wholeheartedly believes in W3RKWELL's mission and drive to improve the health of the world.  Sustainable behavior change is a crucial, missing piece to improving our professional and personal lives. We  share a purpose to support workers and create healthier environments by sharing our expertise with organizations.


Julie Slowiak, PhD, BCBA:


Julie Slowiak, PhD, BCBA is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota Duluth, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and Founder of InJewel LLC, a values-focused coaching and consulting company.

Early in her academic career, Julie found herself struggling to maintain a healthy work-life flow. Achieving tenure was a feat Julie considered the ultimate "gold star" in her academic career and one after which she had expected to feel less stressed, less trapped, more fulfilled, and more at ease. Unfortunately, quite the opposite was true, but Julie viewed this as an opportunity to take action by making tweaks to her job that aligned with her personal and professional values. As a result, Julie founded her coaching and consulting practice as a “side gig”.  Julie works with individuals and organizations to design action plans and identify simple, high impact tweaks that lead to measurable improvements in performance and wellbeing.

Why Julie partnered with W3RKWELL: 

Julie strongly believes in W3RKWELL's mission to create a culture of health and wellbeing.  Successful and thriving communities must adopt a strategic and adaptable approach to health and wellbeing in order to create a sustainable culture of health. The corporate world presents behavioral scientists with tremendous opportunities for large-scale interventions designed to increase psychological wellbeing, which could improve the lives of millions around the world. Together, we believe that collaboration with one another and other professionals is a key component to transforming culture on a large scale.

We are committed to elevating employee health and building the modern workplace through individual and organizational partnerships. We consistently review applications from potential partners who share a mission to solve workplace health challenges like stress, anxiety and task overload while elevating the strategic initiatives of organizations.