Behavior + Business + Health

W3RKWELL is a B2B service-based company that sustainably redesigns the way we work by integrating the science of behavior, business and health.

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We Make Corporate Health Heroes

Our team comprised of Board Certified Behavior Analysts exists to help organizations become corporate health heroes by investing in their employees, thereby helping to reshape the culture of how we work. The science of behavior is at play wherever we go. It explains why we stop at stop signs and not wheelbarrows, why we choose to wear what we wear or say what we say. It helps us understand why people make the choices they do and helps us to influence others to make alternative, more beneficial choices. As behavior scientists, our business is behavior. We understand that employee behavior is the driving force of any organization and we know what it takes to create, measure and sustain change at metrics that fit your culture.

Our clients are interested in analyzing and adjusting their workplace to better align the values of their employees with their organizational strategy. With small or large adjustments to their organization or teams, each client joins a global movement to evolve their employees’ work experience as well as to become a barometer for modern business.

W3RKWELL was founded in 2017 in an effort to design modern, engaging and health-centric work experiences where people thrive. We help our clients meet the needs of both their employees and their stakeholders through behavioral systems analysis, our Health and Business assessment, individualized, data-based culture change programs and unique organizational design strategy. While we work to more accurately normalize the intersections of social roles and career expectations, we can alter the future of work and life. Together.